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Software development

The GREYC lab provides to software developers various tools and materials:


The Greyc lab also offers its developers a portal called Catalog dedicated to the valorisation of projects developed within the laboratory (software, corpus, databases, etc.).

This portal includes tools to facilitate consultation and research projects. You can enter information for each of your projects (keywords, teams, licenses, languages, systems, detailed descriptions in 2 languages, available files to download ...).

=> go to Catalog


Warning :

  • Your software developments should not be released publicly until the compleion of their valorization proces. This process is handled by Normandie Valorisation on behalf of the 3 involved academic institutions of the GREYC laboratory (CNRS - UNICAEN - ENSICAEN). It leads to the choice of license that will be associated with your development in order to guarantee your rights and those of the laboratory during its dissemination.
  • Your developments must remain under private status on the GREYC Forge until the completion of the valorization process.
  • You cannot host your developments on any public platform (like GitHub) until the valorization process is fully completed and provided that the license associated with your developments is compatible with hosting on this type of platform. Publication of your code on a public platform - when an open source license has been granted - must be discussed with your institution. Any publication on a public plateform must be linked with the respective website of the laboratory and of the institutions. The main and official platform of your software must remain the GREYC Forge.